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A comprehensive, multi-modal experience to help you:

Create an


attract your

ideal clients

deliver a first

class solution

Watch this training to learn the shifts you need to make to reimagine and repackage your skill set.

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Quinn Henoch

Founder of Clinical Athlete

THBP has been absolutely instrumental in helping me to reign in all the moving parts of my business, figure out what actually matters, and then put strategies in place to make sure I'm focusing on those things. Their guidance is likely why we didn't just survive, but thrived through the craziness of 2020.  

Steph Allen

Founder of ACL Resolve

I always knew I had wanted to specialize in working with ACL athletes, especially people who struggle to fully recover, but didn't know where to start. With THBP I was able to get this idea I've had in my head for years actually into action and into the world in just a few weeks time. I feel laser focused on my mission because of their help.

Dave Zwoboda

Founder of Ground Game Physio

I was already burning out just a year into my career.  I felt like I had barely enough time to do anything other than eat, workout, and do notes. Since joining THBP I've been able to quit my job and work exclusively with the people I love to serve (BJJ Athletes) all while be able to travel as much as I want. 

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